Wedding Lighting Ideas

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Transform your Venue with Wedding Lighting

Wedding lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform your ceremony or reception space into the wedding of your dreams.  Integrating lighting can add to the ambiance and feeling of your space, while accentuating your wedding design details. The right lighting can add dimension to your cake, flowers, and décor while creating an ideal setting for photographers and videographers. When it comes to lighting your wedding there are many different styles of lighting to consider for both practical and aesthetic reasons to achieve the feeling and mood you desire for your wedding day.

Up Lighting

Up lighting is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to change the atmosphere of a room. For a space that has limited architectural features, up lighting allows you to dress your room with an elegant, romantic, or modern feel. For a space that incorporates architecture that already intrigues the eye, up lighting can highlight those features. Traditional par cans use incandescent light bulbs and colored gels to create your look, while new LED technology allows you to program your colors directly into the lights and even have them change colors throughout the evening. Positioning your up lights to create a color on your ceiling or your tent top is a unique way to bring dimension into your space. Up lighting is also great for landscape lighting to highlight trees and foliage and bring indirect light into an otherwise dark outdoor space.

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String Lighting

Another functional and beautiful lighting option is string lights, also referred to, as Edison Strands or Bistro Lights. You can use these indoors or outdoors to create gorgeous overhead lighting. Edison Strands can create a more rustic look when hung from the rafters in barns or strung from trees. In a large open setting, a dinner area or dance floor can be defined by stringing lights using poles anchored in old whiskey barrels. This can create a very soft, intimate feeling for you and your guests. You can even get creative and use the strands to create a lighted wall for your ceremony backdrop or a focal point at your reception.

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Gobo Monogram Lighting

Gobo projection allows you to bring personality and texture into your space. We place a small metal or glass disc, a gobo, into a specific projector to create a pattern on your wall, ceiling, or floor. Multiple gobos can be used to completely wash an area with your design. Designs include options that can turn your ceiling into a starry night or your dance floor into an underwater oasis using this type of light. Custom monograms can also be created to project on a wall or dance floor to highlight your new initials as a married couple.

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Wedding Lighting

Lighting is a fun, practical way to bring your personal style into your wedding décor. When you walk into your space, close your eyes and imagine the mood and feel you would like to create for your wedding day. Event lighting can highlight your special details or transform your entire space to achieve this desired atmosphere. Whether you setup your own lighting or meet with a lighting design consultant, incorporating event lighting can help bring your dream wedding to life.