Videographer Reviews

Christina & Tom-
10/21/17 Family Farm

My Sister used K2Productions for her videographer at her wedding, and after seeing her video, I knew I had to use them. I called them as soon as we set a date. During the event, the videographers were incredibly professional, working hard to get their shots while also staying clear of the photographer. When we received the final highlight reel and video, we were thrilled. I still tear up every time I see it. K2 captured more than just the event itself, they captured the excitement, the emotion, the love, and the celebration to the point where I honestly feel like I am reliving every moment of my wedding day all over again when I watch it. Thank you K2 – worth every penny!! via and

Allison & Ben –
10/7/17 Family Farm

I’m updating a review as we just received our wedding video by K2. WOW! We’ve watched it over and over. The video quality, editing, music, and total experience was wonderful. I can’t recommend them enough! We were hesitant to get a videographer due to our budget, but I can safely say it was worth every penny! via

Zoe & Lasse –
7/22/17 Adaumont Farm

K2 was an integral part of my wedding day: from the beautiful draping of the pergola at my ceremony site, to Q and Melissa creating and capturing the wedding of my dreams. K2 is a one-stop-shop, which is a blessing for a bride who just wants to relax on her big day and not worry about coordinating vendor schedules. Every K2 employee is a true professional, courteous, flexible, but also able to stay focused on the task at hand.

Amy is knowledgeable and responsive, which was incredibly helpful, as I was a nervous bride, and my mom (who planned my entire wedding) lives in Hawaii, and may have forgotten about time difference a few times! They were there every step of the way, and their online form process helped me greatly, as it made me remember a few things I would have been scrambling to figure out come the day of.

Q was the DJ K2 provided me for my wedding and he was AMAZING! During our first meeting, he truly took the time to get a feel for my husband and I, listening to all our do’s and don’t’s. He was so sweet and worked with me tirelessly, as I sent him 800 spreadsheets with specific songs for specific moments of the wedding. One thing I’ve always said is that I want my wedding to be a party, and boy did Q bring the party! Q truly created and sustained the party atmosphere at my wedding, and I still have friends and family who call me up just to talk about all of the funny dance stories that happened during my wedding.

Last, but certainly not least, was my videographer through K2, Melissa. She was incredibly sweet and professional, making sure to get all of the shots I asked of her, while blending seamlessly into the background the entire time. She made me feel completely at ease the entire time she was filming me, as I was somewhat of a nervous stress-ball that day. The highlight reel turned out BEAUTIFULLY! The production quality was top-notch, capturing every special moment, and will be something I treasure forever.

K2 is the best.

via and

Jamie & Daniel –
6/10/17 Hodgin Valley Farm

K2 productions did a great job and we love our wedding video! via and

Xiaoxing & Robert-
4/30/17 Museum of Life and Science

Our wedding video came out wonderful! Thanks for the super dedicated staff at K2 production, you help record such a memorable day for us! Via

Hannah and Jamie Earp –
12/31/16 Adaumont Farm

They were professional, listened to requests, needed little direction and were fabulous to work with! My video is the highlight of my entire wedding experience! Do not miss out on the incredible memory of a video – worth every penny! Via

Monica and Joey Bass –
7/23/16 Millennium Center

Jacqui and Melissa at K2 Productions are amazing! They were videographers for our daughter, Monica, and Joey Bass’s wedding at The Millennium Center on July 23, 2016. After seeing the video trailer of the wedding , there is no doubt- they are the BEST at what they do!! The lighting and sound is perfect and you feel as if you are experiencing it all over again.
There is so much activity leading up to the actual wedding ceremony and afterwards, that you just cannot remember what is said, the reactions, the emotions, etc. until you relive it watching the video. Words cannot define what having this means to our entire family. It is absolutely priceless!! Thank you both for the many hours you gave to capturing Monica and Joey’s most amazing day EVER!
Brenda M. Doyle (Mother of the Bride) Via

Max and Eric Epps –
7/16/16 The Barn at Valhalla

We knew from day one that we wanted a videographer to capture our wedding…to have a professional film to look back on the rest of our lives was way more important than the venue or the food or the DJ. After our experience with K2, we can say with confidence that if you’re on the fence about hiring a videographer, find the money and do it. And go with K2! Jennifer with K2 was fantastic. She was our point person from day one, and she always responded promptly and thoroughly to all of my emails. A week before the wedding – looooooong after the deadline to have all our decisions finalized – we came into some unexpected money and I asked if we could upgrade to the package we really wanted, which required more equipment and personnel. I totally expected a no because of scheduling issues, but she said I think we can make that happen…! – and she made it work! Kyle our videographer was so cool and professional and put me at ease. I was nervous about logistics the day of the wedding because of the eleventh hour changes we made…we didn’t really have the time to discuss how events would unfold. But the phone conversation we had with Kyle a few days before the wedding assured us that he had our day and our vision on lock. Via

Sara and Kenan Johnston –
5/28/16 Apex, NC

Speechless. I’ve been speechless for days since getting our video back. Honestly, it’s been my favorite thing to reflect back on. I cannot say enough good things about K2 and the amazing job that they (Melissa and Darlene) did. We did the True Romance with an extra hour and it was perfect. Most of the time, I barely even knew these guys were there but they captured every moment I thought would be missed. They portrayed the feel, mood, and theme of our wedding so perfectly and the footage was beautiful. Many videographers during my search would video STILL FRAMES of people taking pictures. I HATE THIS. Why would you want a video of somebody standing there having their picture taken?! Anyway, when I got our video back, K2 did this but in a spectacular and so very special way- They used the parts where we were all making jokes, laughing, stealing kisses, and doing goofing things in between each picture. I LOVE it. I love our video- I cry at different parts every time! Thank you soo much K2. This is our video. Via

Cinda and Chad Hensdale – 10/24/15 Angus Barn

K2 provided a beautiful and amazing highlight reel and full video. They were outstanding and I couldn’t be happier! Via

Lauri Hadobas – 6/20/15 Adaumont Farm

We used K2 Productions for our DJ as well as for video. Our DJ, Mario, and our videographer, Melissa, are both extremely talented and made our daughter’s special day that much more special and memorable. They truly are the best in the business and made the reception incredibly fun. The vision for the reception was to make it the best party ever and DJ and Melissa both delivered. They are the best and we are grateful! via

Tiffany and Adam Fallon –
10/18/14 Shady Wagon Farm

I cannot say enough good things about K2’s videography services. Having a wedding video was the only thing I absolutely had to have and I am so glad that I did not settle! The entire staff was so professional and sweet and at times I honestly forgot they were there. When they released my highlight reel I could not stop smiling. They truly captured the joy from that day. I received so many compliments on the highlight reel, the most common compliment was “omg it is just like a movie!”. I would recommend them to anyone who asked! Thank you guys for giving us a video that we can enjoy for years to come. via

Karen Altenpohl – 10/11/14 MIlton Rhodes

K2 prepared a photo montage for my daughter’s wedding reception. Nathan did a fantastic job. All I did as give him a bunch of photographs. He actually put them together in beautiful chronological order, interspersing her photos with the groom’s photos letting them fade in and out. He met with me to make sure I was happy with it, and then K2 set everything up so that I didn’t have to deal with any of it on the wedding day. Thank you K2 for a job well done. via

Carolyn Jordan – 5/24/14 The Farm at Chestnutt Hill

I just can’t say enough about the fabulous guys at K2. I have used them twice now for my children’s wedding. My daughter was just married at our home this past weekend. K2 did the lighting on our property as well as the tent ceiling. It was gorgeous! They also provided the AV equipment, and it was flawless. But, the best part is they are wonderful to work with…so professional and FUN!!! I am anxiously awaiting the wedding video….I have no doubt that it will be everything I expected and more. I can’t imagine having any type of event without K2!!! via

Suzanne and Frank Kirshbaum – 5/24/14 Angus Barn

I wasn’t sold on getting a videographer, but my husband wanted to do it. K2 was very reasonably priced, had lots of options (and was willing to tailor a package to what I needed), and got everything set up quickly for me (we decided only a few weeks before our wedding that we wanted to get a videographer – thank goodness they were available!). At the wedding, they were fantastic – totally invisible to us except for a few times the cameraman asked me to stand still for a shot. He got tons of great coverage. It was good, interesting footage without being too dramatic – a good balance between beautiful and functional (not so artsy that you can’t tell what’s going on). I still didn’t know what to expect and assumed it would take a while to get anything from them. So I was thrilled to get an email less than two weeks after the wedding with a link to our video online. DVDs followed the next day in the mail. I watched our short, edited video and was totally amazed – this was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding. Worth every single penny. I shared with my bridesmaids, and the universal reaction was, “I wish I had done this for my wedding.” K2 was just fantastic – so easy to communicate and work with, great shots of everything we wanted, a beautiful editing job on our video and made us feel like this was the best money we spent on our wedding. Highly recommend! via

Stephanie and Scott Crysel –
6/14/14 Grand Marquise Ballroom

K2 Productions did our videography and also brought a slow motion booth for our guests to enjoy. They were extremely professional, they never interrupted any activity and never got in the way of the photographers. Their equipment was not big and clunky and they were easily able to bring handheld recorders onto the dance floor to get really good shots from the middle of the action. Also, the slow motion booth was a big hit with our guests. We received our wedding video after a couple of weeks and we absolutely LOVED it! It was extremely well done. The songs that were chosen worked perfectly with our video and we thought they were fantastic choices. We really enjoyed how it all came together. Even the 4 minute summary video was amazing and the song choices for that one were just as awesome, giving us the feeling that they spent as much effort on the highlight video as the full video. This was a very nice addition as it allowed us to post the highlight video on Facebook for our friends to see as well as email it to those who wanted to have it. We really appreciate how well it turned out and all of the work that was put into it! via

Jessica Davis and Niko Chaiparas -10/12/13 The Peninsula Club

10/12/13 at The Peninsula Club K2 Productions captured our big day so beautifully! They really took the time to discuss our ideas beforehand, and made our video so personal with so much creativity. On the day of the wedding they were so friendly and professional, yet discrete enough to where we forgot the cameras were even rolling! My husband and I are so happy with our video, I would definitely recommend K2 to anyone who wants to capture a special day in their lives so they can share and re-live it for years to come. via

Lauren Knipp and Hermes Hernandez

6/8/13 at The Peninsula Club K2 productions is awesome! We loved all of their 4 minute trailer videos and my husband and I both cried at complete strangers videos! This is why we chose to go with them, and they did not disappoint. Our videos were amazing. The editing was great and we love them so much! Thanks K2! -Lauren Knipp via The Knot

Hermes Hernandez

6/8/13 at Peninsula Country Club K2 productions was amazing. They captured every aspect of my wedding without interfering at all with the wedding. They had some really cool ideas and I cannot wait to see the video! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a great video for their wedding. -Hermes Hernandez via Wedding Wire

Lindsey and Frank Auman

3/16/13 at Proximity Hotel We had a small wedding, and it looked like most of what they did was BIG, so we were concerned that K2 may not be the right fit. We wanted to document our story, but not crush it with “booms” and cameras. They heard us and out concerns and the result was a GREAT and very personal video to celebrate and remember our big day – which wasn’t cast in the shadow of big productions.

Maddy & Tommy Day

WOW!!! I can’t tell how impressed I was with K2 productions. They traveled 3 hrs to the coast where we got married. I never even spoke to them on the wedding day—they knew just where to go, set up everything perfectly. Mario was an amazing DJ he kept everyone well informed and made the party! Brett, K2’s videographer was fantastic! Our wedding footage looks like a Hollywood movie. And all my mom’s friends are still talking about how good looking the K2 Crew were! Brett, the video looks AWESOME. Totally captures our day. Now we can revisit the memory or our amazing event. Thank you. Now Tommy’s 99-year-old grandmother can see what she was not able to attend….

Stacey Woosley and Patrick Coleman

10/27/12 at Revolution Mills Amazing!! We had such an amazing time at our wedding, and it would not have been the same without our DJ (DJ Q), and Videographers (Brett and Brent)!! We got a bundle of things from K2, we got uplighting, our DJ, and our Videographers who were so wonderful!

Cassandra Pierre and Brian Rose

7/7/12 at the Mint Museum Uptown Memories to Last a Lifetime – What’s better than your wedding day? Reliving it through film! It’s a keepsake that you can share with your friends & family and pass down the generations. This aspect of the wedding was so important to me that I was willing to reduce my food budget in order to afford a quality vendor. After weeks of research, I decided to go with K2 Productions for their cinematic videography. My contact, Jordan Kennedy, answered all my questions professionally and was responsive anytime I needed anything. A few days before the wedding my fiance Brian and I met with the DP (Director of Photography) Brent Christy and went over our expectations and vision for our big day. Brent informed us of how the filming would go and what some of his standards for filming were. We knew we were in good hands. On the day of the wedding, Brent and his team showed up on time and ready to go. They were fun and knew when to drop back and let the day unfold organically. We received our highlights reel about a month after our wedding and it made my heart skip a beat! My husband Brian and I watched it several times and were impressed by how Brent was able to craft a 4 minute video into a beautiful journey of our special day! I would highly recommend K2 to any bride who wants this kind of videography.

Catherine Coleman

Melissa, You have no idea how excited I am to have k2 doing our video. Your company Was one of the 1st things that I knew JUST HAD to be apart of our day and no other Company would do. Of course, I had to be reasonable and know that there was a chance that i would not be able to have you for budget reasons…so when my dad contacted me and told me it was a necessity to have a video I cried because i knew i would have K2! I am so excited! The video as just as much as a big deal to me as the dress!!! Forget the food and cake…. I want K2!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE! The video is amazing, everything I wished for. Thank you so much for everything.


Hey Brett! I just wanted you to know that we got our wedding videos this weekend and they were AMAZING! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I loved the trailer you posted online and the highlights provide the perfect overview of the whole day. Thanks again for such a spectacular job. If I can ever need a recommendation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lindy and jack

WE LOVE THE VIDEO SOOO MUCH!! We were thrilled when it arrived in the mail and spent that first night watching it over and over again. We just went to GA for Christmas and got to see lots of family and friends, and of course, we had to show them, too! Everyone was simply blown away by the quality of the video and we were excited to watch it again and again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We really appreciate all the time you spent making it just right and we loved what you were able to do with our music choices, too. Thanks also for putting together this clip so we can send out the link to everyone else. Happy Holidays! All our best Lindy + Jack

Rachel Stewart 10/3/09 at Tanglewood Barn

WOW, that’s smooth, Brent! I mean, just: wow… absolutely dazzling footage and editing, awesome transitions, effects, music sync — very true to your online demo, which sealed the deal by pretty much blowing us away on first viewing. Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work on this, we will cherish the video forever!

Kelly & Hugh Scott

SUPREMELY EXCELLENT! – Our wedding DVD arrived yesterday, and we’re positively delighted, as our families. Melissa did a fantastic job. The fine points like syncing with the music, transitions, and of course smart cinematography make a fantastic result. Thank you so very much!

Leilani Jacobs

April, We are so glad that we chose K2 everything was amazing. I have received so many compliments about Brett. He was simply phenomenal! I’m just without words at how pleased we are with your service. We will recommend you to everyone and we can’t wait for the video! Thanks Again!

Audrey & Nello D’antuono

“I truly enjoyed the Wedding video you guys did for us! I never expected it to be so touching and memorable. It was like reliving the experience all over again! The way you set the music to the scenes and incorporated the pictures into the video was amazing. In all honesty, watching the video made me cry all over again. Thank you so much for the hard work and for giving me something that truly captured our memorable Wedding day! I don’t want to forget to also thank you for making the reception so much fun. You are the best DJ, and your selection of music was superb. Using K2Productions for the DJ and Video was a smart move for us and it shows every time I watch my DVD.”

Laurie & Alex

Dear Kevin and K2 production family, Wow!! That has been everyone’s response after viewing our wedding video. Let me say that I argued with my husband during the planning of our wedding because I thought having a videographer was a waste of money and something extra that I didn’t feel we needed. I am so glad he won that battle, especially after viewing our video. Brett and his team were great to work with. Wedding days are somewhat stressful but those guys were easygoing yet professional. Many of our guests commented about the particular shots that the guys were taking around the venue that day. People said that they couldn’t wait to see the video. The day went by so fast for me that it was almost a blur. I am so glad that we chose you guys. When I met with you I requested something different. I did not want the entire wedding footage. I wanted it to be like a long music video! You guys were great. I got everything I ask for and more. It truly looks like a movie that we are a part of!!! Thank you so much for making our day so memorable and fun to watch. The music was great too. I love the artistic shots of the venue mixed in with the ceremony, and reception. I can’t put into words what we felt when we watched the video. Several people have borrowed a copy to show other people because it is such a different wedding video from any other they have seen before. I will tell everyone I know about you guys. Well done job! Grazie and thanks again,

Valerie Krohn

Hi Brett, I wanted to let you know how much we both truly enjoyed your wedding video! Your team did an excellent job of really listening to our needs and putting together a great video. We will treasure it always and thank you so much for your hard work on putting it all together!!! Thanks again,


Kevin, Please pass all our thanks along to your videographers (Brett & Melissa). We are soooo happy with the video. Thanks so much for everything. It will be a lovely way to remember our day for years to come.